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My Name Is Michael Bryce. I am a Professional Transformational Speaker, Coach and Relationship Specialist. I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the best Speakers, Trainers, and Coaches in the world. I have had the honor to have helped you to save yourself from the downward spiral your life was headed. I have helped companies turn their work environment around and make them much more positive, productive and profitable. 
But it wasn't always like this. When I was 35 years old I was on the receiving end of a very abusive relationship. Things had gotten so bad that I had thoughts of suicide and even thought about driving off the side of a mountain because the pain was so bad. I was a child that had never ever felt good enough and was told by many teachers that I should never speak in public because I didn't read or present myself well and no one will listen to me.
So now I've decided to dedicate my life to helping you find the love of yourself so that you can feel so good about who you are that no matter who comes into your life and tries to treat you like you don't matter, beat you up and push you down. I will help you to reshape your life in a way that you'll develop unshakeable confidence in who you are. So no matter what happens and you get rattled. You won't stay in that deep dark place. You will have the life and relationships that you want and deserve. 
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Awaken The Goddess With In
(12 Week Group Coaching Program)

Helping You Thrive

Have you felt the need to always be the perfect woman? The woman that can do it all and never ask questions...Just as long as you get the job done? You have always been taught to take care of everyone around you and still get good grades in school, have a career that you are amazing at because as a powerful woman you must also prove yourself to the world beyond being a homemaker or a mother or someone that rely's only on a man to support you. 

You have been proving yourself over and over again and you have been taking care of the people around you but have forgotten the most important person in your life... YOU!  You have lost yourself and have gone through intimate relationships that have damaged you to a point that you are attracting the same kind of relationships over and over. You are taking care of your kids, parents and everything at work. On the outside you are wonder woman, on the inside you are falling apart. You are someone that is completely stressed out, get anxiety, or are sad all the time. You have been on a steady spiral to burnout and you don't know how long you can continue to function like this for.

If you're feeling any of these things and you've just had enough...If you are truly ready to start reshaping and redefining your life...If you are ready to do the work and just need some direction, give me 6 weeks to help guide you as you learn to take your power back and start living a truly fulfilled life again. A life with true purpose, armed with the skills to be unshakable through all of life's challenges.

In this 6 week program you will learn to start identifying your triggers and how to respond to them differently. Together, we will get to the roots of your pain and burnout so you can learn to truly start loving yourself so that you are better able to take care of yourself and others in your life. Together we will get you on your way to being empowered so that you are able to identify and have the life you want and deserve. We will create a NEW blueprint for your life and work towards it in a way that works for you. 

If this sounds like you and you've been struggling your whole life, sign up for your free clarity session to see if this is the right program for you. Now is your time to do something for you!

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Discover Your HOW!
Saturday September 14th

A Great Place To Start If You Don't Know What Coaching Is

Discover your HOW, is a comprehensive, 3-hour immersion opportunity that offers interactive experiences and brand new healing processes to help you move beyond the limitations in your life. No previous experience necessary, just your commitment to improving your SELF and your LIFE. 

This 3-hour immersion is perfect for those ready to find answers to things like:

• You struggle with emotional eating and wonder why you have an unhealthy relationship with food, and not able to lose the weight that you want. You want to know HOW to finally stop and live a healthy lifestyle.

• You find yourself dating the same type of person over and over, and you always end up giving more than you get? You want to know HOW to stop this and find the right person for you.

• You are struggling with getting out of bed in the morning because you feel like you just can't give anymore?

• You are tired of not truly loving yourself and taking care of everyone except for you and getting burnt out?

This immersion delivers true live interaction that encourages self-discovery, leading to breakthroughs you may not have ever known when dealing with the things that are holding you back. I am going to help you build a strong foundation that will allow you to gain a true appreciation of who you are right now, and HOW to recognize the changes necessary to form more meaningful relationships with your SELF and those around you. Love yourself, love your life.

Things that have happened as a result of coming to this event

- "I no longer am afraid to talk with my ex-husband and took my power back. I now control the outcome of our interactions" C.G.

- "I finally let go of the anger I was carrying around for years and was able to be open to possibility. As a result, I found a potential surrogate to have my baby" C.D.

- "After attending one of Michael Bryce's workshops I realized that my health and wellbeing was suffering. I took what I learned and lost the 30 pounds that were holding me back from feeling my best" S.D.

Are you ready to finally find your HOW and find true inner happiness and live a healthier life?

You will come out of this day with an appreciation of who you are. What you have to offer not only yourself but everyone in your life. You will be on your way to being Unshakeable!

You have put yourself off long enough. Now is the time for you to take action for you. No one else can do it for you.

Business Plan

1-on-1 Sessions

Dedicated to You

Do you find yourself stuck in life and not knowing where to even begin to change it? Are you tired of having the same kind of relationships over and over and not knowing why? Do you lack love and passion in your intimate relationship? Do you struggle with your health and wellness and have been gaining and losing the same weight for years?

If so you're not alone and there are in fact reasons for this. There are things that we do that we are unaware of and things that hold us back even though we don't think about them. We get stuck in the wheel of life and don't find a way out.

Through working with many people just like you I have been able to get to the source of what's causing this to happen and how to affect change by reshaping your life and taking action to have what you truly desire in your personal and professional lives.

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"After years in my field and not moving up the way I wanted too I decided to obtain coaching advice, after my first appt I was able to better understand the mindset of coworkers as well as how to better interact with them in order to reach my goals. I am very happy to say that not only have I been able to build better relationships with coworkers but I am now able to serve my clientele much more efficiently and have moved up the ladder very quickly. There is a new level of clarity that has emerged and I couldn't be happier with the results of putting your teachings into action.
Thank you for everything that you do, I look forward to continuing with coaching and continuing to build myself much higher than I once thought possible."

Shelley Dow

Shelley Dow


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